How to choose the Best Summer Fragrances

  • Monday, August 1, 2016
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Summer is here. The temperatures are high, the mercury is rising, the heat is upon us. But despite all the climatic changes, Summer is also the perfect time to lounge on the beach or enjoy a lovely coffee evening with friends outside.

Sunny times are fragrance times.

The onset of Summer means you need to match fragrances as well to suit the mood. Essentially, Summer is the best time to eschew heavy fragrances and opt instead for lighter and breezier perfumes that will make you feel cool and refreshed. Ideally, one should choose light 'eau fresh' fragrances like eau de colognes or floral scents that don't overpower your senses.

Ajmal's Summer Fragrances for Men.

When the heat is on, Ajmal offers Men the best fragrances to cool off with. We have a variety of light and fresh perfumes for Him that will revivify your senses.

Start with Ajmal Blu - a refreshing choice with tangy aromas of Summer, for men with a penchant for the great outdoors. Or splash some Ajmal Avid - with fresh, fruity tones, an aquatic heart and an enlivening base. Need something with fresh, fruity, woody notes? Try Utopia II from Ajmal - unconventional yet refreshingly modern. Or perhaps you want to feel sophisticated and stylish this Summer? Then, Ajmal's Evoke for Him is just the rejuvenation you need.

Ajmal's Summer Fragrances for Women.

When it comes to women, Summer brings with it a need to unwind, yet still be in touch with one's femininity. That's where Ajmal comes in to pamper you with the finest Summer perfumes.

Begin with Ajmal Señora - a gorgeous blend of spicy, floral and musky to embrace Summer. If you're looking to be understated, yet confident in the heat, Sacrifice For Her will be just the thing. Then, there's Ajmal Entice For Her - a vivacious fragrance that can fill the entire room with sheer delight. If romance is in the air, there's nothing better than Ajmal Sacred Love to kindle the flame. And finally, if you want to be vibrant and glamorous as the temperature rises, just spritz some Evoke for Her as you please.

A few tips on how to wear Summer Fragrances.

1. Understand notes - Be nature-inspired. Choose light fragrance notes such as fruity, citrusy, aqua, oceanic. Avoid heavy notes such as floral blends, patchouli, vanilla or sugary aromas.

2. Apply perfume more often - The heat causes applied perfume to evaporate rapidly. Hence, ensure you always carry a light perfume with you to use as needed.

3. Buy a Summer Scent - invest in a good Summer Scent from Ajmal. It makes sense to do this, because you won't just cool yourself down, you'll announce a cooler summery feel to all around you.

4. Layer It - to make your perfume last longer in Summer, and also to provide more cooling, consider layering two light fragrances, or apply some lotion or oil and then the Summer fragrance.

All in all, Summer shouldn't scare you from experimenting and trying out fragrances. Just visit an Ajmal Showroom or purchase an Ajmal Summer Scent on our online store. Here comes the do you!


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