Summer is here. Time for adventure.

  • Saturday, July 1, 2017
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The days are getting longer, which means Summer has made its arrival. And when it comes to Summer, adventure and travel become your ultimate goals. You're busy researching holiday destinations, travel plans and outdoor activities for the weeks and month ahead. The world is huge, and when it comes to chasing the summer sun or relaxing in the sand, your options are endless. Indeed, we are sure you have a bucket list of activities to do this Summer. 

Select the fragrances of Summer. 

With the coming of Summer, it's time to get rid of heavy Winter fragrances, and imbibe in the refreshing gentleness of fragrances that suit the hot weather. When the mercury rises, the first thing you need to do is to switch from concentrated perfumes to lighter notes. 

Another good tip is to spritz a fragrance, not indoors, but outside. If the fragrance lasts as much as your activities do post a hot day outdoors, then it suits you just fine. Wear fragrances with tons of citrus notes (mandarin, lime, lemon) – which will revivify you with their airy feel. You can also try single-note scents which contain lavender, ylang ylang, jasmine or vanilla which stay longer on your persona even in the heat. 

More importantly, Summer brings with it the whiff of adventure. You will be partaking of loads of outdoor activities – from lounging at a beach resort, to even trying bold and extreme things like kayaking or parasailing. So it's best to have a fragrance that complements your go-get-it attitude under the sun. 

Embrace Summer with Ajmal Perfumes. 

At Ajmal Perfumes, we know the heat is truly on. Which is why, we have a selection of amazing summery fragrances – male and female – for you to choose from. Each of these is sure to complement any activity you undertake, any adventure you dare to attempt. Discover some of them, now!

Blu for Him

Masculine, fresh and aqueous, Blu is just the fragrance for men who have a penchant for the outdoors, Its refreshing icy aroma blends Bergamot, Lavender and Watermelon. All this, with invigorating Lotus & Jasmine, resonating with the coolness of Sandalwood, Musk and Amber. 

Avid for Him

Young? Male? Suave? Then get ready for Avid. Its fresh fruity top notes, merge into a woody aquatic heart, culminating into a warm Amber and Patchouli base. Think of Avid as a large pool of refreshing & heartening notes to soak yourself into as the noonday temperature rises.

Neutron for Him 

Highly intense yet young and spirited, Neutron combines fresh and uplifting notes that reverberate with summery charm. The top notes resonate with fresh, fruity tones with a musky touch. And its heart beats with citrus, floral tones that energise your every sense. 

Sacrifice for Her

A spritz of Jasmine meets the enhanced freshness of aqua. Then, Orange Blossom and Vanilla marry to provide a floral-musky heart. Amber and Musk then serenade a light warm base. Sacrifice for Her is the perfect summer accompaniment for today's confident woman. 

Sacred Love for Her

Feeling romantic this Summer? Warm up to Sacred Love. Attune your heart with an invigorating citrus fresh floral top. Then, reveal your summer enigma with its floral musky fresh heart. Finally, cast an intimate spell with Water Lily, Jasmine, Vetiver & Sandalwood.

Señora for Her

Need the perfect wings to match your zest this Summer? Look no further than Señora. A gorgeous blend of floral, musky, spicy notes that have a fiery attitude of Pepper, the seduction of Rose and the citrusy mischief of Orange Blossom. Raise temperatures, yourself. 

So, Ajmal Perfumes wishes you a Super Summer. Be free. Be happy. Be uninhibited. Be in the moment. Be in the essence! 


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