Essential essences for Winter

  • Sunday, December 1, 2019
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With the arrival of Winter, a change of seasons demands a change of clothing. Similarly, alternating one's fragrances is just as important. 

Why so? It's simple. Summer fragrances tend to be fresh, rejuvenating and invigorating. Winter fragrances, on the other hand, should provide you with warmth – indeed, they should envelop you like a scarf or sweater that wraps around you – invoking a cosy feeling of warmth against your skin. 

With the advent of Winter and cooler months ahead, now is the time to explore a range of Winter fragrances from the House of Ajmal Perfumes. Come, explore our fresh new scents for the colder months – distinct and bold, these are sure to enhance your presence. 

7 simple steps to choose the best Winter fragrance for you. 

Whether you are a man wanting to turn on the macho heat when its cold, or whether you are a woman who desires to raise the temperature when the mercury falls; here are 7 simple tips and steps to choose the best Winter fragrance: 

1. Choose a heavier scent – since your skin goes dry in Winter, a heavy scent will resonate longer on your skin. 

2. Discard colognes – choose Eau de Parfums instead, which have 15-30% more scent, hence more punch. 

3. Go spicy – spices are warm, so spicy oriental fragrances which have cinnamon or cardamom are must-haves. 

4. Understand base notes – base notes are the heaviest part of any fragrance, so heavier means better in Winter. 

5. Try earthy – woody or earthy scents reminiscent of trees or moss will tend to warm you up more. 

6. Scent the season – with festivities of Christmas and New Year coming, try lacing some sweet season scents. 

7. Be sensual – intimate and warm scents which linger on your sweater are most desirable and sensual. 

Ajmal's finest repertoire of Winter fragrances. 

So now that you know the 7 tips to choosing the best Winter fragrance, here's the 8th and most important tip: just buy one of the following Ajmal fragrances! Yes, there's nothing better than having one of these added to your Winter wardrobe! 

1. Ajmal Evoke Gold Edition for Herneed a fragrance with long lasting serenity? This is it! Built with spicy top notes of Pink Pepper, Blackcurrant and Apple, and a heavy base of Musk, Tonka and Vanilla, this is a Winter wonderland. 

2. Ajmal Aristocrat for Herrich and floral with a warm woody ambery accord, think of this as a royal cardigan of warmth! Top notes of Tagetes, Orange and Bergamot meet the resonance of sensual Amber, Oakmoss and Musk at the base. 

3. Ajmal Mosha'anewly launched, this is an exotic oriental fragrance for all special Winter occasions! Its heart combines the warm fragrance of Amber, Vanilla and Raspberry even as Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Patchouli give it a woody lingering base.  

4. Ajmal Incense Woodwant an exquisite woody fragrance that spells bold? Enjoy the intensity of this! Spicy Pink Pepper, Saffron and Bergamot top notes meld with exotic Frankincense, Cashmere Wood, Patchouli and Musk to transport you to Winter luxury! 

Winter is now on 

So if you want to Win this Winter, head over to and imbibe the best perfumes for Winter! Besides the four fragrances mentioned above, we have a huge range of French, Oriental and Arabic fragrances for men and women, which are sure to add that warmth to your innate charm! 

Indeed, all you need to do is to shop online and enjoy Winter offline with Ajmal Perfumes!


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