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  • Wednesday, July 1, 2020
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With the rise in the mercury levels comes the arrival of Summer. What also arrives with Summer is the need for you to change the perfumes that you wear. Summer is an ideal time to put heavy, oudhy, woody fragrances back in your cupboards. And to switch to light summery notes – fresh, citrusy, floral, zesty, revivifying fragrances.

So, as you move on to your summer wear of linens and light fabric clothes, Ajmal Perfumes welcomes you to embrace a selection of our refreshing summer essences – perfect for Him and Her. 

6 easy tips to choose the ideal Summer Fragrances. 

1. Go citrusy: Citrus scents have a zingy freshness. They are perfect for sweltering temperatures and help you feel clean and uplift your mood. 

2. Go aquatic: Marine-mood scents have an echo of the sea. They work particularly well in Summer and help you feel hydrated at all times. 

3. Go summery: Try essences that are lighter and more seasonally-appropriate. Perfumes that are crafted especially for Summer are ideal. 

4. Go crisp: How about a crisp cologne? These are the ultimate summertime scents. They make you smell good, but don't overpower. 

5. Go light: Use fragrances that help combat the influence of the sun. Make yourself feel bright and joyful however hot it becomes. 

6. Go airy: Choose a set of fragrances that symbolize an airy or breezy experience. Pick notes that transport you to a summer holiday. 

Hello Summer. Welcome Ajmal Perfumes. 

Get ready to put on an Ajmal fragrance when the heat is on. Ajmal means beautiful, and we have just the scents to make you Summer-ready in more ways than one. Let us take you through two of our best-selling Summer categories: Musk-based and Aqua based. 

Musk-based Summer essences from Ajmal: 

Ajmal Musk Silk: Oriental and floral, perfect for women and men. With refreshing hints of Lily of the Valley, Tolu Balsam and Vanilla. 

Ajmal Musk Rose: Crafted from revitalizing Rose, this has spicy floral heart notes and a warm Musky base to keep you cool. 

Ajmal Misk Al Khaleej: Just the thing you need for Summer. With a vivacious blend of ingredients that will pamper you this Summer. 

Aqua-based Summer perfumes from Ajmal:

Ajmal Blu & Blu Femme: These fresh, aqueous Parfums are perfect to ignite your energy and spirits even on the hottest days. 

• Ajmal Shiro for Men & Women: Fresh, aquatic, mellow, sublime – Shiro ensures day long freshness that lingers long into the evening.

Ajmal Aristocrat for Him: Bergamot, Watermelon, Lime, Lily meld with Musk, Patchouli and Amber to give men a Summer classic. 

Ajmal Raindrops for Her: Our Summer masterpiece combines uplifting fruity and floral notes to refresh the modern woman of today. 

Ajmal Shine for Her: Created for a woman who needs a Summer shimmer. With cooling Pomegranate, Strawberry, Peony and Lily of the Valley. 

Ajmal Viola for Her: The perfect Summer balance with fresh fruits like Bergamot and Black Currant and a floral middle of Jasmine, Rose and Lily of the Valley. 

Wishing you a Super Summer. 

Come, enjoy every moment under the sun. Because Summer is what life is all about. Visit your nearest Ajmal Perfumes showroom to discover our Musk-based and Aqua-based range of Summer fragrances for Him & Her. Or buy them online on

Be free. Be happy. Be in the essence with Ajmal Perfumes this Summer! 


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