The essence of perfume oils.

  • Tuesday, August 1, 2017
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Perfume oils are also known as fragrance oils or aromatic oils. In essence, they are manufactured concentrated scents that are specially designed to mimic the scent of a natural product – for example, the smell of spring rain.  

The revelation of perfume oils. 

Whilst both perfume oils and their spray versions have the same perfume formula, sprays contain alcohol that make the fragrance seem sharper. Perfume oils on the other hand, contain softer ingredients that smell different and more natural on your skin. 

Perfume oils develop very quickly on the skin. Which means, its main notes are revealed from the outset. The scent is more constant as well since the top, heart and base notes are almost singing in unison, rather than sprays in which each note is gradually revealed. 

What this means is that perfume oils remain very close to your skin. They present a much more intimate experience, perceptible only by those close to you. They are a great way to wear a perfume without necessarily revealing to others that you are wearing a perfume. 

Also, perfume oils moisturise the skin. They don't fade away as fast as perfume sprays and therefore possess the boon of longevity, because the actual perfume elements and extracts in them are far more concentrated than in standard EDTs and EDPs.  

Affordable and easy to use. 

The sheer range of perfume oils is enormous. This makes them fairly inexpensive as well, making them offer more bang for your buck. When using a perfume oil, you can apply the oil directly to the warm areas of your body – the perfume pulse points – such as your wrist, the inside of your elbow, behind your ears and the back of your neck. You can apply as much or as little as you wish. Of course, because they are concentrated, they will still smell stronger and richer, and yet they're less likely to leave behind trail like an alcohol-based perfume spray. All in all, perfume oils radiate outward from your skin, making you radiate from inside out. 

Ajmal's European perfume oils. 

Ajmal Perfumes has a vast stable of European perfume oils for your imbibing pleasure. We specialise in such western perfume oils that are both long-lasting and affordable. 

Here are some of our best-selling European perfume oils, especially on our online store All these perfume oils are available in 2 Tola (approximately 24 ml e) ethnic chic bottles, each bearing the very hallmark of Ajmal: 

Cool Moon: As refined as moonlight and as sophisticated as a lunar evening, Cool Moon caters to the contemporary tastes of young men and women. 

Lucky: As its name suggests, Lucky blends the fortune of mystery with the destiny of rarity beyond compare. Alluring, unfamiliar and utterly fascinating. 

Musk Rose: The refinement of Musk. The sophistication of Rose. This perfume oil is energetic and spirited and crafted for the young men and women of today. 

Adorn: Reassuring in its sensuousness and warmth, Adorn is a perfume oil with a fragrance that can envelop you with its sheer class. 

Infinity: Infinite in its perfection. Infinite in its ability to cast a spell. Infinity truly lives up to its name as a perfume oil of endless experiences. 

So, how about pampering your skin with an Ajmal European perfume oil today? 



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