A fragrance is a feeling

  • Tuesday, April 28, 2020
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An old Chinese proverb states that, "a bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers." In simple words, what this means is that every fragrance sticks – it evokes a strong feeling, an indelible emotion, a vivid memory. 

Almost every human has the capacity to use all five senses – of which sight and sound are most keenly developed and used. However, the sense of smell is probably the most unique sense – since it has the capacity to transport you to a place or time locked deeply in your memory sphere.

A fragrance elicits emotions. 

Imagine this. You are in an exotic spice souq. And as the aroma of the spices waft through, you are suddenly transported to your childhood; where you remember the fragrance of spices being tempered in your home's kitchen, as your grandmother cooked dinner for the family. 

Or you smell the first drops of rain falling on parched land. Its petrichor takes you back to a time when you first crafted a boat out of paper and played for hours in the rain water with your friends. That is the power of smell. It immediately brings back old emotions and memories – playing them back to you as if the past has become the present.

A fragrance is an experience, retold. 

Smell is the purest of all the senses, since it is a trigger to pure emotions. It can both energise and relax you. If we were to analyse this scientifically – when you smell any fragrance – it makes a journey from your nose straight to the olfactory part of your brain – what is called the limbic system and the neocortex.

This olfactory part has receptors that regulate all your emotions, feelings and moods – so the moment a smell reaches, it drives an emotional reaction. You 'remember a moment' – sometimes subconsciously and sometimes almost instantaneously. 

This is why fragrance is an experience, retold. For example, if a cake is being baked, the smell of its warmth and sweetness immediately makes you feel happy, fresh and warm inside. Or when you smell freshly washed linen, it may remind you of the warm cosiness of your mother when she used to hold you as a child. 

A fragrance is a story. 

Fragrances are also interesting in the way that each one makes for a unique story. So a citrusy perfume with hints of lemon will always remind you of freshness and revivify you. Lavender has a scent that heals – so it will transport you to a time when you were relaxed and happy. The moment you smell Peppermint, for example, you will immediately feel a sense of clarity – and you will remember moments when you were engaged and invigorated. 

You can say, quite definitely, that every fragrance is a story. Like the many fragrance families, each fragrance is a part of you and your familiarity. Scents and Sensibility, in nutshell. 

A fragrance is the art of memories. 

Some fragrances are common to everyone. So the perfume of a rose will always be sweet. That of an apple will always be fruity. That of moss on a riverbed will always be musky. 

However, fragrances are also culturally dependent. For example, the smell of a rice pudding might be familiar to Asians but not to Europeans. And conversely, the smell of pine trees might be vivid for those who live in the northern part of the globe, but not so much to those who live in the Southern regions. 

This is why every fragrance is unique. It is a sum total of your experiences and memories – almost like a unique fingerprint. 

Ajmal Perfumes and the crafting of emotions. 

"A fragrance is all that it takes to travel through time, such is the bond between memory and smell." – Late Haji Ajmal Ali, Founder Father, Ajmal Perfumes. 

As the above quote of our Founder Father states, Ajmal Perfumes has been at the forefront of the art and science of perfumery since 1951 – as well as the crafting of emotions. We firmly espouse and believe in our simple yet profound philosophy of 'Crafting Memories'. 

For almost 70 years, Ajmal has not just crafted thousands of unmatched Oriental and French fragrances; we have also become a part of the memories of hundreds of thousands of our customers. We are their perfume memory. And every time you imbibe an Ajmal fragrance, you partake of an emotion locked in your memory sphere. 

Ajmal's creation of emotional fragrances. 

Fragrance is a power. Fragrance is a phenomenon. At Ajmal, we realise the value of this power and this phenomenon. 

Which is why, we continue to create, develop and craft fragrances that are high on recall. We make perfumes that play a keen part in the emotional makeup of people's lives. We craft evocative fragrances imbued with originality – by pushing new paths from a fragrance to an emotion. We continually expand our range to meet new emotions and tap old ones. 

All in all, sense is your very essence. And Ajmal is an expert at understanding this. 

The emotions of Ramadan. 

We are now in the Holy Month of Ramadan, and all of us at Ajmal Perfumes wish you and your loved ones Ramadan Kareem. 

Ramadan is all about the emotions of good thoughts, good deeds and the togetherness of being with the family. We hope the fragrance of the Holy Month blesses you all – and fills your lives with happiness, peace and good health. 


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