Winter And the essentials of body care

  • Sunday, January 1, 2017
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It's blowing cold as winter has arrived in the region, and the next 2 months will see jackets, wind cheaters and cold protection kits being used by one and all. But what about your skin? Isn't that to be protected during Winter as well.

Winter makes the air outside dry and frigid. Again, with very little indoor heat at homes or offices, your skin is further left even more parched. The cold breaks your skin's protective barrier, making it difficult for it to be able to repair itself. In such circumstances, it is vital for you to follow some body care essentials for your skin. Here are 5 such crucial tips: 

1. Soothe it to smooth it: Skin becomes extra-dry or rough, especially on upper arms. It's important to moisturise the cracked skin with a lotion. 

2. Handle it to care for it: Normal soaps make the skin more chapped in winter, by sucking out the moisture. Ensure you use a good body care soap. 

3. Treat your scalp: A lot of us forget that the scalp skin under our hair becomes dry as well, leading to skin issues. It's essential to use an effective shower gel. 

4. Layer it to protect it: Start with a warm bath using a moisturising body cleanser which leaves a creamy feel on your skin. Follow that up with a generous slather of lotion, once you're towel dry. 

5. Mist it to soften it: A body mist is a great idea to infuse suppleness, softness and moisture into your skin, especially after a shower. Keep shower routines short, and body mist care long. 

Ajmal's Oudh Body Care Essentials. 

Need a best friend for your skin, this winter? Then feel the embrace of Ajmal's Oudh Body Care Essentials. This exclusive collection is just what you need to pamper and protect your precious skin.

In this set of Body Care Essentials, Ajmal has packed just what you need to combat winter. There's a Shower Gel, a Hand Wash, a Camel Milk Soap, a Body Lotion and a Body Mist. Each of which is full of the moisturising goodness that your skin craves for in winter. 

But what's most amazing about the collection is that each of these Body Care products are infused with the fragrance of the finest Dahn Al Oudh from Ajmal. Which means, not only does your skin feel smooth and soft, it will also be imbibed with a fragrance par compare. Again, all the products in Ajmal's Oudh Body Care Essentials are unisex – making them just the thing for women and men. 

How to use Ajmal's Oudh Body Care Essentials in winter. 

Here are some secrets as to how you can most effectively use Ajmal's Oudh Body Care Essentials. Of course, you can do your body care ritual the way that's best suited for you. But give this a try and see the difference. 

First, wash your hands properly with the Oudh Hand Wash. This will impart needed moisture for your hands and keep the skin on your hands luxuriated. Then, have a short warm bath using either the Oudh Shower Gel or the Oudh Camel Milk Soap. Both are extremely effective in moisturising the skin for your entire body. Finally, once you've dried up completely post your shower, put a generous amount of Oudh Body Lotion or Oudh Body Mist to seal off your complete skin with moisturised goodness. Finally, just inhale and embrace the beautiful luxury of the Ajmal Oudh fragrance that will emanate from your every pore. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit to discover our Ajmal Oudh Body Care Essentials. And let your body and skin face winter with perfumed confidence!


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