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  • Friday, September 1, 2017
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Your skin is the most important organ of your body, besides being the largest. It exists in a constant state of growth, with old cells dying and new cells forming. Your skin speaks about yourself – it expresses your appearance, your health, your age, your vitality and your general sense of well-being. 

Proper skincare is vital since it makes your skin look full and vibrant. Unhealthy skin loses elasticity making it sag. It also makes scars, rashes, sores, acne, boils and wrinkles appear thereby making the skin look sallow. Unhealthy skin may also be a sign of some health issue within one's body. 

Skincare is all about a regimen. 

What is even more crucial for proper skincare is a clear regimen. A regimen that is a daily habit, with which you ensure you take all the necessary steps to keep your skin young and healthy. 

You need to cleanse skin properly when washing your face or whilst bathing. Skin needs moisture to survive – moisture is the very lifeblood of good skin. So you need to use a proper moisturiser by applying a lotion or a body butter a few minutes after bathing. 

The world of Ajmal skincare. 

Ajmal Perfumes recognises this need for luxuriant skincare. Which is why, Ajmal offers the most excellent skincare products, each of which are infused with an amazing Ajmal fragrance. Indeed, the very essence of exquisite perfumery that gives Ajmal its preeminence, naturally lends itself to our range of Body Butters – from Oriental Dahn Al Oudh and Mukhallat Body Butters to various enticing En Vogue French Body Butters

And now, Ajmal Powders. 

Powders are also an essential element of skincare. They help offer a perfumed elegance to the skin, whilst at the same time, keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. Ajmal has a range of powders on offer for you – from luxurious Oriental powders to exciting French perfumed powders

Layering with Ajmal Powders.

With an Ajmal Powder, you have the benefit of layering your skin. Meaning, each powder comes with its own unique fragrance that bouquets your skin. And helps you layer your skin's essence since you can mix and match the powder's fragrance with that of the perfume, fragrance or oil that is your mood for the day. 

Our powders also help in layering your make-up, ensure fuller and thicker eyelashes, catch eye shadow fall-outs and help in long-lasting eye make-up. Which means, they help enhance your beauty as well! 

A range powdered with passion. 

Ajmal's range of Powders have a number of excellent choices for you. Ajmal Raindrops Powder exudes a sleek and simplistic elegance, enveloping you with a contemporary weave of delicateness. It appeals to women who seek outdoor fresh powder scents, with its fruity, floral, woody and amber notes. 

Ajmal Blu Powder is another amazing creation. Crafted with the finest ingredients and perfect for layering, the powder is imbued with Ajmal's Blu – a young, energetic and masculine scent. Similarly, Ajmal Utopia II powder is a citrus aromatic powder for men that has bergamot, lemon and apple in all its spritzy goodness. 

Some of the new Ajmal Powders for you to luxuriate with.

Ajmal has also launched a number of new Powders exclusively for your skin's superb care. 

These include Ajmal Sacred Love Powder, Ajmal Abia Powder, Ajmal Ahbab Powder, Ajmal Wisal Powder, Ajmal Aretha Powder and so many more. 

Shop online. 

The entire portfolio of Ajmal's Powders can be purchased across all our Ajmal Showrooms and also on our online store, – in fact we keep updating our online store with new powder launches all the time. 

Indeed, whether it is an Oriental Powder you wish to layer your skin with, or a French Powder you want to pamper your skin with, you don't need to look beyond Ajmal. 


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