Time for Gifting during the Ho-Ho-Ho-Holidays

  • Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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The Season of Holidays has arrived. Red and Green colours dominate the atmosphere. The Winter air is filled with the sounds and aromas of festivities. Santa will be coming down chimneys, heralding the welcome of Christmas. 

Soon, on New Year's Eve, the world will ring out this year and look to ring in and bring in 2021. And with it, the world will welcome a new start and new resolutions to happiness, health and success. 

With so much good cheer around, this is also the time for traditional Holiday Gifting. Indeed, it's the perfect time to give and receive Gifts – with your family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. 

Gifting is what brings people together – in a ritual of shared happiness – a bonding during the season that ensures that the spirit of the Holidays is steeped into every moment. 

What do Millennials and Gen Z want as Holiday Gifts? 

Millennials love being different. They're picky and have very varied interests. But they are also very open minded and love innovative gifts...those that are different, creative and useful. 

Hence, Millennials generally go for gifts that appeal to their mindspace. Some of the trending gifts for Millennials in 2020 include Personalized Journals, Fruit Dessert Makers, Portable Chargers, Pocket Picnic Blankets and Sleep Masks.When it comes to Gen Z, their mindset is all about being tech-savvy, sustainable, confident and passionate. They have firm opinions on what they want, and are not afraid to express them. 

Which is why, Gen Z usually goes for gifting ideas that underline their fierce independence. In 2020, these include Align Pants, Holographic Phone Cases, Silk Scrunchies, Mini Waffle Makers and Ultra Small Portable Projectors. 

But, what's important to note is that both Millennials and Gen Z agree on one thing as Holiday Gifts...and that is Perfumes. Yes, they love fragrances that make a lasting impression as gifts. This is also because Perfumes are usually budget-friendly and there's always a scent that expresses their unique personalities.   

Ajmal Perfumes' Holiday Gift Sets for Millennials and Gen Z. 

Perfumes never go out of style, even if trends keep changing. They are still a classic gifting choice for any age – Millennials, Gen Z or otherwise. This is because when most people think about their first perfume, it would have been chosen for them by someone close. 

Perfumes are personal gifts – the giver thinks about the receiver's personality when choosing one. It's a scented expression of one's love or emotion for another person. 

In keeping with the Holiday spirit, Ajmal Perfumes has a range of unique Holiday Gift Sets which are perfect for Millennials, Gen Z and indeed for all age profiles. Whether you're gifting to a Man or a Woman or a family member or a friend, Ajmal has something for you. 

Some of Ajmal's enchanting Fragrance Gift Sets include specially priced collections of our best-selling fragrances like:

For Him Gift Sets: Shiro Gift Set

For Her Gift Sets: Shine Gift Set

For Him & Her Gift Sets: Aurum Winter Gift Set | Amber Wood Gift Set 

Ajmal also offers an exclusive Ajmal Signature Collections Gift Set, a Special Holiday Gift Set and Mini Collection Perfume Gift Sets for Men and Women. 

Indeed, we have a range of options – from the pocket-friendly to the premium, from Oriental essences to French fragrances – which make for ideal gifting ideas for Christmas, the New Year and right through the Season of Holidays. 

To craft memories, visit now. 

The three wise men bear gifts. Santa Claus bears gifts. So what's stopping you from joining them with some great gifting this Season of Holidays? Visit our very popular online shopping and gifting experience on 

Select the Perfume Holiday Gift Set that's perfect for your loved ones or friends. Pay conveniently online. And have your unique gifts delivered to them right where they are. 

Come, it's a season to be jolly and to make others happy. With the Season of Gifting at Ajmal Perfumes. Come, craft new memories with us. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021! 


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