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  • Monday, October 1, 2018
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When it comes to the world of fragrances, perfumes are generally classified into 'Families' - classifications which are done on the basis of the main ingredient type that brings out the personality of the fragrance. Since 1945, with the advent of technology in the creation of perfumes, new categories of fragrances or 'new families' have also emerged. 

Usually, the main Fragrance Families are classified as Floral,  Citrus, Woody, Oriental, Fruity, Green, Oceanic and Spicy. Of these Woody fragrances are one of the older fragrance families. These 'wood-heart' perfumes are usually imbued with a warm or opulent character, dominated by Sandalwood or Patchouli. Some of them also have a drier fragrance which suggests the presence of Cedarwood and Vetiver. The aroma of Leather also dominates a lot of Woody fragrances. The main characteristic of a Wood-based fragrance is that it is warm, dry and is infused with an elegant, musky masculine accord. And it can also have a fresh touch brought about by citrus or aromatic ingredients within its fold. 

How to choose a Woody Fragrance.

Choosing a fragrance ultimately depends upon what side of your personality you want to project or convey through it. Generally, Woody fragrances have the scent of the forest within them – they are dark, deep and earthy – and radiate an aura of mystery.

For Men, Woody fragrances fit like a hand in a glove because of their inherent masculinity. However, they should be worn sparingly since they are more intense than other scents. Lingering and deep, they are guaranteed 'head turners' when you wear them to any occasion. You can choose a Vetiver or Patchouli-based fragrance or even an Amberwood for everyday wear. And something like a Musky Wood for a long lasting, robust impression. 

When it comes to Women – though Woody fragrances are inherently masculine – it does not mean you should ignore them when selecting your fragrance. Woody notes provide women with an air of enigma and coat your wrists and neck with musky masculine warmth – which make them ideal evening-wear fragrances. So if you're a woman looking to add that touch of intensity to your persona, Woody fragrances are just the thing.

Ajmal's enticing range of Woody Fragrances. 

Ajmal Perfumes offers you an amazing array of Woody Fragrances – both for Men and Women – which are designed to add that touch of powerful intensity and sensuousness. Some of our best-selling Woody Fragrances include:

Amber Wood:Part of the Signature 'W' Series from Ajmal, Amber Wood is a Unisex masterpiece infused with the redolence of Amber. Rich, deep, intricate – each drop is powerful beyond compare. Top notes of Fruit and Spice are infused with Apple, White Pepper, Lavender and Cardamom – whilst the heart has Woody notes of Orris and Cedarwood. The base completes the mystery with hints of Amber Wood and Patchouli. 

Amber Musc:Part of the Signature 'M' Series from Ajmal, Amber Musc is a Unisex fragrance that has the captivating warmth of Amber. Deeply rich and evocative, it swirls with sensual and lush notes. Top notes are of Floral infused with Rose – while it heart is Musky and Amber. The base notes are a luminous blend of Amber, Woody, Musky – with ingredients like Amber, Cedarwood and Musk. 

Amber in Love: Want to gift a brilliant set of Unisex Woody Fragrances? Indulge in Amber in Love – a lavish and tantalizing online exclusive Gift Set inspired by the sublime aroma of Amber. This is available in two stunning variations: as a Concentrated Perfume Oil (12 ml e) and also as an Eau de Parfum (14 ml e). 

Mukhallat Shams: Mukhallat Shams is the perfect blend of Rose and Sandalwood – two brilliant Floral Woody elements. And to bring about its rich Al Shams heritage, it has a hearty dose of Dahn Al Oudh. This Woody Unisex offering provides just the richness, warmth, longevity and radiance you need. 

Qafiya 02: Designed to enhance your evenings, Qafiya 02 has Fresh Spicy top notes that linger with Bergamot, Coffee and Orangeflower that rest on a base of Moss and Sandalwood. All this to infuse Men and Women with a calm, yet provocative demeanor. 

Shop online now for the best Woody Fragrances. 

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