How to choose your Fruity Fragrance.

  • Tuesday, November 1, 2016
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How to choose your Fruity Fragrance. 

The first thing when going for a Fruity Fragrance is to understand your mood or what you wish your persona to convey. So if your personality is wanting to feel fresh, then a Fruity Fragrance is just right for you. Indeed, if you want to feel super sweet, super fruity and oh so delicious, then read on! 

The important thing is that almost all Fruity Fragrances exude one word..."cool". Which means that cool will make you look and feel effortless. You'll be revivified with a sense of fun-loving, ready-for-anything attitude.

Make sure you choose your Fruity Fragrance wisely. Select something that explodes with the zeal of juicy lemon or refreshing mandarin or zesty grapefruit. Or choose something that smells fresh, moist and exotic – full of blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry or orange blossom – with the feeling of vivacious sensation on your skin. Any of these combinations would be light and clean, though you could even go for some fruity scents that have subtle woody and spicy notes, or with a whisper of musk, to reinvent something mode seductive. 

Ajmal's Fruity Fragrances. Feel fresh, every day. 

Ajmal offers some of the best fruity perfumes and fragrances – both at our showrooms and also online – with some of the top selling fruity fragrances for men and women. Here are the Top 5 Ajmal Fruity Fragrances:

Ajmal Aurum – sun kissed with fruity notes of lemon, raspberry and orange blossom, Aurum beautifully balances other woody and musky notes of amber, musk and vanilla. Giving you a golden Midas touch at all times. 

Ajmal Younique – born out of the Ajmal Young Prosumer Initiative, Younique intermingles with fruits, flowers and spices to capture a bright, peppy and charismatic fragrance – that is just perfect for the youth attitude. 

Ajmal Prose – delectable, vivacious and spirited, Prose is warm, feminine and playful. Combining hints of bright and fresh citrus fruits such as orange, melon and apple, it also imbues strawberry, coconut and sugar. 

Ajmal Aretha – a stunning opening of mandarin entwined with pear gives Aretha its beautiful character. Created to attract young women who are fun-loving and free-spirited, its heart opens to a blossom of flowers. 

Ajmal Viola – with fresh notes interspersed with floral aromas, Viola has hints of spice with fresh fruits such as bergamot and black currant. Targeted to millennial girls, it defines fresh, vivacious and fun. 

All in all, remember one thing from that famous quote. "Pleasure is the flower that passes. Remembrance, the lasting perfume." On that fruity note, enjoy let the freshness unfold. 


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