Perfumes are personal gifts

  • Wednesday, November 1, 2017
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Gifting a loved one a perfume or fragrance is an extremely personal gift. In fact, for most people, their first ever fragrance was probably chosen for them by their closest loved one. A perfume as a gift expresses your love, your acknowledgement of someone's personality and what they like. It tells them something about what they mean to you. Thus, it becomes more personalised and all the more thoughtful. 

Ajmal Perfumes and gifting. 

When it comes to gifting your loved ones, friends, colleagues or associates a perfume, Ajmal Perfumes has always been a fragrant gift of choice. Ajmal has a perfume for every personality, every lifestyle and every expression – being a veritable pampering session for the person receiving an Ajmal perfume as a gift. 

Sure you can celebrate an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary by sending flowers, which is an obvious gift. But give someone a bottled fragrance from Ajmal, and you're more than sure to leave a lasting impression. After all, what better way to make someone feel special than by sending them a signature gift set from Ajmal Perfumes – with carefully selected scents which are as unique as they are. 

In fact, you don't even need a reason to gift an Ajmal Perfume...'just because' also is a good enough reason. You smell something, it reminds you of someone, you buy it for that person. This spontaneity shows your care, making it a pure reflection of your love. 

Presenting new and exclusive Online Gift Sets from Ajmal. 

To help you choose the best perfumed gift for your loved ones, the House of Ajmal has recently launched 3 new and exclusive Gift Sets which are available Online on – Musc in Love, Amber in Love and Wood in Love. 

These Gift Sets make for perfect gifting ideas – imbued as they are with exclusivity and an enchanting long-lasting effect. Let's discover them a little more in detail. 

Musc in Love by AjmalThis lavish and tantalizing Unisex Gift Set is inspired by the sublime, long-lasting aroma of Musk. Musc in Love is available as a single Gift Set that offers two stunning variations of Musk – a concentrated perfume oil (12 ml e) and an Eau de Parfum (14 ml e). Priced at just AED 100 exclusively on this is a gift that celebrates true love. 

Amber in Love by AjmalThis rich and enticing Unisex Gift Set takes its inspiration from the amazing and long-lasting fragrance of Amber. Available as a single Gift Set with two magnificent Amber creations, Amber in Love has a concentrated perfume oil (12 ml e) and an Eau de Parfum (14 ml e). Priced at only AED 100, exclusive to this is a gift that embraces your finest gifting expression. 

Wood in Love by Ajmal – Newly launched for the festive season, this warm and seductive Unisex Gift Set finds inspiration from the refined and long-lasting hues of Woodsy influences. Wood in Love is available as a single Gift Set with two brilliant variations of Wood – a concentrated perfume oil (12 ml e) and an Eau de Parfum (14 ml e). Priced at just AED 100, this is an exclusive new launch on and is a gift of sheer magnificence. 

All in all, perfumes are exclusive gifts that truly express what your feelings to your loved ones are. And with these 3 exclusive Gift Sets available Online from Ajmal Perfumes, you can be assured your loved ones will feel the warm embrace of your love for them. 


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