The Unisex Perfume Collection at Ajmal will have you hooked!

  • Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Unisex perfumes – a concept that started off in the early 90s is making its way into the lives of many as it grows in popularity due to myriad reasons. Scent beyond gender is something that when explored, shows us how many more possibilities and doors open up. There have always been pre-conceived notions that women’s perfumes need to have floral or fruity notes, the bottle should look elegant and must have feminine names. And it’s the same with men’s perfumes – they need to be ‘tougher’ looking, with musky notes and masculine names. As much of these concrete ideas still remain and are loved by many, there are a number of people, especially in the Arabian region who prefer bits of both in their fragrance. And this is where our Unisex perfumes come in.

Why are Arabian Perfumes perfect as Unisex fragrances?

Arabian perfumes cannot be categorized as per gender. Although some fragrances are made to for either gender, Arabic luxury perfumes is an enticing choice for any fragrance lover. These concentrated perfumes can capture the attention of anyone regardless of gender. The Arabic perfume brands at Ajmal are creations that boast a rich heritage and tradition. The most popular by far is Dahn Al Oudh and its variants. The magnetic and rich aroma of Oudh is the best Arabic perfume in Unisex fragrances by far and the one we recommend to most – regardless of gender because it truly is something else.

Where can you buy Arabic perfumes in Dubai?

Whether you’re looking for perfumes for him or her, you can find the best Arabic perfumes in UAE at Ajmal perfumes. We have a vast collection of Unisex perfumes with excellent pieces like Amber Wood Noir, Amber Santal, Dahn Al Oudh, Qasida, Violet Musc, Moshriqaa, the all new Aristocrat and much more at Ajmal!

The Signature Series consists of floral & woody perfumes giving rise to a balanced aroma and is topped off with a sharp yet alluring citrus top note. The base is woody, ambery and musky making it attractive to both men and women! Some, like Amber Santal, consist of spicy notes of Pepper, Cyprus and Patchouli deeming it perfect to stun at special occasions, regardless of your gender.

Our Dahn Al Oudh undergoes a comprehensive extraction process and is sourced from the Agarwood tree. It is beyond labels and can entice anyone who inhales its aroma. Its rich woody composition is one of a kind, perfect for any man or woman and the Unisex range includes Ruyah and Shams.

Ajmal also has oriental perfumes that consist of exquisite ingredients that are captivating and enchanting alike. Some ingredients include rose, saffron, amber, oudh and more. They glorify the personality of the wearer and are appealing equally to men and women. Some perfumes from this collection are Abia, Qasida, Al Reda, Wisal Dhahab, Hayba and Barraqa.

You can buy these Arabic perfumes online or visit the nearest store to browse before your purchase.


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