The Season for Gifting

  • Thursday, December 1, 2016
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The season for Gifting. 

The month of December brings with it a festive mood. The season of holidays begins, that starts with the build-up to Christmas and culminates with ringing out the old and ringing in the new with the arrival of the New Year. It is a time for celebration, a time for the holiday spirit and the time for new resolutions. More importantly, it is the arrival of the season for Gifting. To share gifts, and hence happiness, with one's family, friends, colleagues and associates. 

The real essence of Gifting. 

They say that some gifts are big, others are small; but the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all. And when it comes to gifting, perfumes present an essence like no other. 

There are many strong reasons for gifting a perfume. Firstly, perfumes offer options. So even if the receiver has a signature perfume she or he uses, they would be happy to add another one to their collection. Secondly, it is easy for someone to pick a perfume as a gift, since every perfume is an expression that matches the receiver's persona. Perfumes are also perceived as luxury, and hence when received as a gift, there is a value attached to that gift. Fourthly, you also have a choice of perfume gift sets, which gives the receiver an array of perfume products in one set. Finally, and most importantly, perfumes provide the best surprise for a loved one who receives them as a gift. It is an emotion of love, a token of pampering that has the whiff of togetherness. 

Ajmal. A bouquet of gifting options for this holiday season.

Ajmal means 'beautiful' and as our name suggests, our perfumes make for beautiful gifts during this festive holiday season for all your loved ones. 

Besides our extremely popular perfumes for gifting such as AurumBluEvoke and Bling Noir, Ajmal also offers some 'scentsational' perfume gift sets. Not to mention, some amazing offers online coupled with the ease of shopping at your fingertips. 

To celebrate the festive season in the most joyous way, Ajmal has a special Holiday Gifting Sale – exclusively on online purchases – till December 20, 2016. The Sale offers you up to 30% off our festive gift sets!

Truly, it is the thought of gifting that counts more than the gift itself. So think of Ajmal and make your thought resonate with fragrance! 


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