Discover the difference between Concentrated Perfume Oils and Sprays.

  • Sunday, April 1, 2018
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You're someone who loves perfumes and wants to buy and discover new fragrances every time. But on some occasions, you may be a little confused on whether to purchase a Concentrated Perfume Oil or whether to buy a Spray. 

The general trouble for most people is in understanding the differences between the two – which one is stronger, which one lasts on your skin longer, which one has the better aroma and obviously have a lot of questions.

So here is your one-stop ready reckoner to realize the answers to the differences:

• Oils Vs Sprays: Strength – Oils are generally stronger since they are the purest form of fragrance and the tend to last longer as well. A spray is usually diluted with alcohol and water to present various concentration levels marked as either a Eau de Parfum (11-20% perfume), Eau de Toilette (5-11% perfume) or Eau de Cologne (2-5% perfume)

• Oils Vs Sprays: Application – Sprays are generally applied on the clothes, whereas Oils are applied directly on the skin.

• Oils Vs Sprays: Sensitivity – Both these product lines need to be evaluated on skin before making the purchase decision as you need to understand the reaction of the product with your body composition. There are certain individuals might develop a skin irritation, but that could be due to a pre-existing condition. All fragrances are thoroughly tested and are made safe to be worn on the skin.

• Oils Vs Sprays: Perception – Pure concentrated perfume oils are making a comeback within the younger consumers. The purity aspect is the key factor in drawing them in. However, since they are not as convenient to use, brands work more on the marketing and distribution of spray based fragrances.

Ajmal's world of Concentrated Perfume Oils and Sprays. 

Whether you love a Concentrated Perfume Oil or a Spray, the good news is that with Ajmal Perfumes, you'll always make the right choice. And why not? After all, for 67 years, Ajmal has been crafting some of the most elegant and enticing Concentrated Perfume Oils and Sprays – from exquisite Mukhallats to expressive French line fragrances. 

Some of Ajmal's most well-known and most-bought Arabic Concentrated Perfume Oils include

Mukhallat Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq, Alf lail O Lail, Bakhoor Khas, Mizyaan to name a few.

Whilst some of Ajmal's most endearing Perfume Sprays include Dahn Al Oudh Shams, Amber Wood, Aurum, Blu by Ajmal, Wisal, Sacrifice, Abia Noir and so many more.  

Each of these Concentrated Perfume Oils and Sprays come with the Ajmal hallmark of great fragrance, a unique scent language and a price based on value. Which means, you have an unmatched choice waiting for you.  

Discover some of Ajmal's best at or even through our exciting online shopping website – come, let our fragrances envelop you. 


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