Discover the Best Sellers of Ajmal Dahn Al Oudh

  • Tuesday, July 19, 2016
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When it comes to Dahn Al Oudh, nothing matches the sophistication and majesty of Ajmal's varied range. We are the pioneers in Dahn Al Oudh since 1951. We provide this unique essence in not only concentrated pure oil form but also as Eau de Parfum variants.

Ajmal’s masterful fragrances are long lasting and enchanting. Indeed, over the years of Ajmal crafting fragrances, we have created many an iconic masterpiece. Here are some of Ajmal's best-selling Dahn Al Oudh creations for your fragrant pleasure:

Bakhoor Khas

A fragrance designed to reflect Oudhy notes, Bakhoor Khas is an oriental concentrate that embodies traditional notes that appeal to individuals looking for deep woody and naturally aromatic essences. This product is specifically crafted for individuals who are regular users of Dahn Al Oudh.

Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq

This is, perhaps, one of the most exclusive perfumes in the world. Dahn al Oudh Moattaq - a fragrance fit for kings, is steeped in the splendour and regality of true Arabian luxury. At its heart strides a pure Indian Dahn Al Oudh - refined, aged with bespoke quality and one that offers a wearer an immediate access to a premium quality blend; thereby reflecting and enhancing their status.

Dahn Al Oudh Saif Al Hind

Imagine this. An exquisite fragrance crafted from pure and matured high quality Indian Dahn Al Oudh. Now imagine this exquisitely ensconced within a compact hand-cut crystal bottle in the shape of a diamond. Saif Al Hind is indeed a Dahn Al Oudh concentrated perfume beyond imagination. Meaning 'Sword of India' - Saif Al Hind is enveloped in an exclusive and modern pack with a rosewood touch. Elite. Bespoke. And truly a class apart.

Dahn Al Oudh Arzan

Dahn Al Oudh Arzan is also a testament to the sheer purity of Oudh – a veritable ode to the exacting standards one expects from the finest quality Oudh. Deep and sophisticated, Arzan is a peerless Dahn Al Oudh crafted from the finest Indian and Cambodi Oudh. It represents Ajmal's mission to craft Real Oudh. Created for those who are driven by success, it is the purest reflection of the discerning and refined class of consumers who demand the best.

Dahn Oudh Al Shams

Dahn Oudh Al Shams is an icon within the realm of Arabic perfumery. Al Shams (Arabic for ‘Sun’) is an aggressive Oudh inpsired Eau de Parfum exclusively created for today’s brightest and trend setting individuals. The fragrance is highly diffusive, has great retention and lingers in a lasting Oudhy aroma. Derived from aged Indian Agarwood, the pleasant and long lasting aroma radiates unique characteristics bearing the mark of Indian Oudh.


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