The regal new 'Amir Two'

  • Tuesday, February 1, 2022
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The next masterpiece in the Amir Series from Ajmal Perfumes. 

In July 2021, Ajmal Perfumes launched the 'Amir Series' with the introduction of 'Amir One' – which paid a timeless homage to the tradition, legacy and vision of luxury Oriental perfumery. 

Now, in continuation of this sublime series, Ajmal Perfumes has launched the new 'Amir Two' in February 2022 – as the new ode to regality – across the UAE and the GCC. 

A new signature fragrance from the House of Ajmal. 

'Amir Two' is the new exclusive signature that has – once again like 'Amir One' – been carefully crafted by our Master Perfumer, Mr Mohd. Amiruddin Ajmal, the Chief Executive Officer of Ajmal Perfumes. 

Each drop of its majestic essence is a veritable signature of the art and craft of Oriental perfumery – a luxury fragrance that is both rare and refined. 

Each drop is also a testament to Mr Mohd. Amiruddin Ajmal's fifty plus years of experience in the mastery of Oriental perfumery. 

One whiff and you're transported to a world of sheer perfection. 

Commenting on the launch of the new 'Amir Two', Mr Abdulla Ajmal, the Deputy COO of Ajmal Perfumes had this to say: "New Amir Two is the perfume of power. It takes excellence to the next level for the men and women of today and tomorrow. It is exceptional in its fragrance, exciting in its glow. And the moment you apply the new 'Amir Two' on your being, it celebrates you in every sense, through its essence. We at Ajmal Perfumes are proud to have launched the new Amir Two as the second masterpiece in the Amir Series. And we are confident of its glittering success."

Indeed, the new 'Amir Two' is the zenith in the art and craft of Oriental perfumery – heightened perfection – to take your aura to refined new heights. 

Crafted from the finest hand-picked ingredients. 

Created with the finest attention to detail. 

Luxurious, rich and premium. These three words best describe the new 'Amir Two' creation. 

All the ingredients that are infused into its making, have been personally hand-picked by our Master Perfumer. 

Sourced from varied exotic regions of the world, each ingredient is, thus, a rarefied jewel. 

The elevated fragrance of 'Amir Two' opens on luxurious Floral, Spicy hues of the finest Rose, Geranium, Nutmeg, Ginger and Pepper. 

The heart of the perfume resonates with skilfully crafted Ambery, Woody tones of the best Amber, Cypriol, Patchouli and Cashmere Wood. 

And at its base lies the classic Ajmal Perfumes Oriental touch, with Balsamic, Musky, Oudhy nuances of the most sophisticated Gurjun Balsam, Incense, Musk and Oudh. 

The result? A consummate Oriental showpiece – a true treasure in excellence. 

Make a regal statement. 

Bespoke in its every facet, new 'Amir Two' resonates with power, intrigue and impact. Just like your signature touch does. 

Ensconced in a beautiful bottle, with an enchanting hand-painted cap – gold-plated with a glorious motif of emerald and gold hints – this is the truest expression of royalty, regality and class. 

Which makes the new 'Amir Two' just the statement for a refined fragrance connoisseur such as yourself. 

Radiating your unique persona in every drop, think of new 'Amir Two' as an elixir of attraction – crafted to make you feel and wield your strength from within. 

Come, experience the celebration of the new 'Amir Two'. 

Available as a 50ml eau de parfum for men and women, the new 'Amir Two' is now showcased in all its glory at your nearest Ajmal Perfumes showroom. 

It is also available online on 

It is rare. It is inspirational. It is exceptional. 

It is, in every which way, a mirror to you and your classic style.

The new 'Amir Two'. Your new signature of regality awaits. 


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