It's time for Sha'ban and Ramadan

It's time for Sha'ban and Ramadan

  • Monday, April 5, 2021
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Come the end of March, the eighth month of the Islamic Calendar – Sha'ban – will dawn upon us. Considered to be the 'month of virtues', Sha'ban is a blessed month of good deeds and is supposed to bestow upon all a multitude of blessings. 

Sha'ban also leads into the Holy Month of Ramadan in April – the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. Considered to be the most Holy Month for Muslims the world over – it was in this month that the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) by the Angel Jibrayil. 

The months for giving and gifting. 

Both the blessed month of Sha'ban and the Holy Month of Ramadan are all about giving and gifting. It is customary to give gifts to one's family, friends, colleagues and associates. 

Gifting is a way in which one can thank and celebrate the many important relationships one has formed in life. Reflecting the grace of the occasion, gifts are mainly traditional in nature and selected with great care. 

The essence of Sha'ban and Ramadan gifting with Ajmal Perfumes.

Perfumes – especially the traditional ones – are one of the best gifts to give to your loved and dear ones during both months. And when it comes to traditional Arabic perfumery, Ajmal Perfumes is the first word in exquisite fragrance gifting during Sha'ban and Ramadan. 

It's not just Ajmal's many enticing Dahn Al Oudh and Mukhallats that make for thoughtful gifting – Ajmal also has many Premium Gift Sets, Premium Agarwood Gift Sets and a Premium Dahn Al Oudh Crystal Box for your esteemed consideration. 

Exclusive Online Launches for Sha'ban and Ramadan from Ajmal. 

To usher in Sha'ban and Ramadan in 2021, Ajmal Perfumes offers you a plethora of new Launches – which are Exclusive with our Online Shopping portal

Premium Gift Sets: a collection of traditional masterpieces:

Afaaaq Premium Gift Set – specially curated for Sha'ban and Ramadan, this Gift Set is an ensemble of premium traditional offerings with the Ajmal hallmark of trust and purity. The Gift Set includes an exquisite Dahn Al Oudh (6ml), an enticing European Perfume Oil (6ml), a peerless Mukhallat Oil (6ml) and 25gms of refined Agarwood from Ajmal.

Rawaa Premium Gift Set – another collection of premium and classic offerings, especially brought together for Sha'ban and Ramadan – and imbued with Ajmal's quality. The Gift Set consists of an exquisite Dahn Al Oudh (6ml), an enticing European Perfume Oil (6ml), a peerless Mukhallat Oil (6ml), 25gms of refined Ajmal Agarwood, 25gms of the finest Dakhoon/Moattar and a Madhkhan. 

Premium Agarwood Gift Sets: a trio of unmatched Agarwood from Ajmal:

Premium Raw Hindi Agarwood Gift Set –this Premium Gift Box contains 100gms of dark, dense and intense Raw Hindi (Indian) Agarwood. Its resin-embedded heartwood is of sheer perfection and its sweet fragrance is sublime. Just the Agarwood you need for gifting to dear ones during Sha'ban and Ramadan. 

Premium Combodi Agarwood Gift Set – this Premium Gift Box comes with 150gms of the most exquisite Agarwood from Cambodia. Infused with an 'Agar Aura', the truly sublime scent released from gently heating its chips is out of the world. A connoisseur's delight, this is a gift of ultimate thoughtfulness for Sha'ban and Ramadan. 

Premium Marourqi Agarwood Gift Set – this Premium Gift Box is packed with 160gms of refined Marourqi Agarwood from Indonesia. Sweet, sublime and free from any acid smells, this is an ideal Agarwood for special occasions at home during Sha'ban and Ramadan.  

Premium Dahn Al Oudh Crystal Box: specially crafted for Mother's Day

Dahn Al Oudh Sumo – with Mother's Day falling just a few days before Sha'ban, Ajmal presents you Dahn Al Oudh Sumo – a true testament to the love a Mother bestows. Dedicated to motherhood, Sumo is an exquisite 3ml Dahn Al Oudh ensconced within a cut Crystal Box.  

Spread the glitter of happiness with Ajmal Perfumes.

They say that during the blessed month of Sha'ban and the Holy Month of Ramadan, the moon and the stars come together to spread their glitter of happiness. 

We at Ajmal Perfumes invite you to discover our Exclusive Online Launches on – and spread the shimmer of our Premium Gift Sets, Premium Agarwood Gift Sets and Premium Dahn Al Oudh Crystal Box across the minds and hearts of all your near and dear ones. 

Have a blessed Sha'ban and Ramadan Kareem in advance.  


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