Looking for the best Summer Fragrances?

Looking for the best Summer Fragrances?

  • Sunday, July 1, 2018
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Whether the weather is warm or sweltering, you can be assured that Summer has arrived. But what has also arrived with Summer is the season of summer breaks – either long or short, either by self or with the family. 

What also changes with Summer is the change in the perfumes you need to wear. Which means you need to say goodbye to heavy, woody, oudhy fragrances and slip into citruses, fresh notes, florals and zesty hinted perfumes. 

So just as you would store your woolens and winter wear in your cupboards – and move on to wearing linens, khakis and light fabrics – you will also need to now embrace the heat with a spritz of what's refreshing perfume-wise, rather than heavy and overbearing essences. 

Summer is fragrance come alive. 

With the advent of summer, outdoor activity also increases. You'll be game for travel and adventure. Hence, choosing and imbibing the refreshing gentleness of fragrances suited for the Sun are key. With the mercury rising, make sure you switch from the concentrated fragrances to those that are light, breezy and airy. 

Whether you want to lounge by a sandy beach or even try something bold like parasailing, it's essential for you to come alive with fragrances that last long even on a hot, sweaty day. Single-note scents, those with varied citrus notes are hence the best to revivify you. 

Say hello to Summer with Ajmal Perfumes. 

Ajmal means beautiful, and we at Ajmal Perfumes have all the scents you need to welcome a beautiful Summer. Get ready to put an Ajmal fragrance on, when the heat is on. 

Summer Fragrances for Him:

Blu for him – Blu is the masculine fragrance for Summer. Its fruity, zesty ingredients like Bergamot, Lavender, Watermelon, Lotus, Jasmine, Musk, Amber will have you truly invigorated every time.

Kuro for him – Need something audaciously fresh for Summer? Embrace Kuro. With Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender, Pepper, Patchouli, Vetiver and Ambergris, it will make you feel ecstatically refreshed, even when its hot in the shade. 

Aristocrat for Him – Who says you can't feel royal and regal even in Summer? Be an Aristocrat Man who basks in the cool supremacy of ingredients such as Bergamot, Watermelon, Musk and Amber – radiating a chilled attitude. 

Summer Fragrances for Her:

Blu Femme for her – Resonating with floral fresh notes of Rose and Sage, Cedarwood and Jasmine, Cashmere Wood and Vanilla, Blu Femme is Summer-perfect for women with a penchant for travel and the outdoors. 

Sacrifice for her – Imagine a spritz of Jasmine meeting Orange Blossom and Vanilla and then melding into a light base of Amber and Musk. That's Sacrifice for Her – the perfect Summer accompaniment to enhance your confidence.

Aristocrat for Her – Summer can be sophisticated. So says Aristocrat for Her. Floral fresh with Tagetes, Orange, Bergamot, Saffron, Jasmine and Sugar, it also has the sensuality of Amber, Oakmoss and Musk to reinvigorate you. 

Let us lay in the sun and count every moment.

Ajmal Perfumes invites you to the moments of the sun, sand and the sea. Because a little bit of Summer is what life is all about. 

So, visit your nearest Ajmal Perfumes showroom or even online on – and get ready to welcome the essence of Summer like never before. 


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