Need essential fragrances and body care for Winter?

Need essential fragrances and body care for Winter?

  • Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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The seasons play a big part in our selection of essential fragrances and body care products. We choose our perfumes not just to match our mood and clothes, but also with a change in seasons. We also need essential body care to nourish and comfort our skin from drying, loss of moisture and to keep it soft and supple. 

Reason why with the dip in temperatures and the arrival of Winter, you need to ensure you have the right fragrances and body care as part of your rituals. 

What are the top 3 tips to choose a Winter fragrance? 

1. Pick a warm scent just as you would pick a warm sweater.

With the drop in mercury and the rise in the chill, it's the perfect time to buy and wear a fragrance that's warm, comforting and gives you a cozy feeling. Choose something that can envelop you like a fuzzy sweater against the cold. 

2. Choose a Spicy or Woody fragrance that will offer warmth. 

Woody and Spicy fragrances come with stronger, warmer base notes. Which means, they help the fragrance last longer on you or your clothes – offering the longevity and warmth you need on a cold day. 

3. Go EDP. 

Keep your EDTs and Colognes away for Summer. With Winter, switch to an Eau de Parfum. These have more concentrated fragrance, which means you have their intensity to power you.

What are the top 3 tips to pick a Winter body care product?

1. The drier your skin gets, the heavier your body care product should be,

If Winter makes your skin very dry, choose a moisturizing lotion. If the dryness is moderate to severe, then go for a Body Lotion. The latter especially should be used right after a shower, since it helps seal in the moisture in your skin. 

2. Target those body areas that get extra dry. 

Winter makes some areas on your body super dry. This is true especially on the elbows and knees, which also tend to rub more on Winter clothing, thereby intensifying dryness. Choose a good Body Lotion which will act as a natural emollient for nourishment. 

3. Ingredients. Ingredients. Ingredients. 

The best Body Lotions should have the finest ingredients that are known to fight Winter's effects on the skin. These should help moisturize, firm and soften your skin – naturally – thereby helping you take care of your skin in Winter. 

Ajmal's best Winter fragrances for Men and Women. 

Now that you have the top 3 tips to choose a Winter fragrance, here are Ajmal's top Winter fragrances crafted especially for you:

1. Ajmal Aurum Winter: Beautifully balanced, this is a Winter fragrance that is young, indulgent and glamorous. A heady mix of Citrus, Fruity top notes, Floral, Ambery heart notes and Ambery, Mossy, Musky base notes, they'll help you shine bright even on a cold evening. 

2. Ajmal Amber Wood NoirAn exotic new addition to our illustrious signature 'W' Series, this is a distinguished Amber Wood fragrance infused with unique warmth and charismatic longevity – just the perfect thing to make a lasting impression this Winter. 

3. Ajmal QasidaProfound in its mysticism, with an exhilarating blend of Fruity, Floral, Musky, Leathery sweet scents – this will rekindle the poetic spirit within you – and envelop you with the warm passion for a cold Winter. 

4. Ajmal Aristocrat for Him: Grandeur, power, nobility – this fragrance has it all. With compelling Fresh Citrusy Bergamot and Watermelon top notes that settle on a warm Woody Ambery Base. This helps leave a resonant trail in Winter.

Ajmal's finest Winter body care products for Men and Women. 

So, you've read the top 3 tips to select a Winter body care product for yourself. It's time now to discover Ajmal's top Winter body care products: 

1. Ajmal Winter Essentials Body Lotions (3 in 1 Pack)A trio of exquisite Body Lotions available in a convenient 3 in 1 Pack. Indulge your skin with the goodness of Alf Laila O Laila, Ahebbak and Dahn Al Oudh Body Lotions – classic scents with classy Winter nourishing. 

2. Ajmal Body Powders: Ajmal has also crafted exotic and warmth-infusing Body Powders for your Winter care. Choose from our Dahn Al Oudh, Alf Laila O Laila and Aatifa Body Powders. 

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