T&C of Ajmalite eStore

  • 1. Introduction

    Being part of the Ajmal Team, you can enjoy from 35% to 75% discount in our wide range of fragrances through Ajmalite eStore

    Online Exclusive Staff Discount for Ajmalite can be claimed only by registering yourself with your Employee ID on Ajmal Perfumes online site,

    It is your responsibility to ensure that you:

      • • Read and adhere to the full terms & conditions of the Ajmalite eStore

      • • Purchase limit and manage your spend within the threshold

    • • Retain the receipts for all purchases you make for 12 months and make them available upon request


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  • 2. Eligibility

    Online Staff Discount is available for all Ajmalites who have completed 24 weeks’ continuous employment. 

    When you’ve completed 24 weeks’ continuous employment, we’ll upload your Employee ID on our website. This can takes approximately 3 days.

    Employees on fixed term temporary contracts of less than 12 weeks will not be eligible for this benefit.

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  • 3. Ajmalite eStore Benefit

    Online Staff Discount is exclusively available to Ajmalites and their family and friends. You remain responsible for ensuring that the online purchase is happening on behalf of your Employee ID as per the Policy.

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  • 4. Discount Level

    Online Staff Discount is only visible and exclusively available to the Ajmalite who logs in with a valid Username and Employee ID.

    The current discount is 35% on RRP for all the branded products and up to 75% on selected items and this will be uploaded from time to time.

    We reserve the right to exclude some product from this benefit.

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  • 6. Notification Emails

    Each and every purchase history notification emails like the order confirmation, tracking status of you and your family/friends confirmed orders will be an online generated email and this will be sent directly to registered email id of Ajmalite only. 

    Note: After every purchase of your family/friend, make ensure to reset your password in order to keep your online account secure enough. If you face any issue with your account, please contact us on +971 4 4574111 EXT 293/294 or email us [email protected] within office hours, Sunday to Thursday.

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  • 7. Payment

    You have to choose your payment method either through Cash on Delivery or Credit Card. Deduction from salary will not be applicable for this program. 

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  • 8. Delivery

    You can choose to have your purchase delivered to your home address or office address. Delivery charge AED 20 is applicable across UAE and delivery will be arranged through Aramex within 24-48 hours. 

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  • 9. Misuse of the program

    If an employee is found to be misusing the program will be a breach of the staff discount rules and will be considered an act of misconduct, which can lead to dismissal of the employee without notice.

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  • 10. Leaving Ajmal Perfumes

    Once Ajmalite leaves the organization, his login id will be deactivated and he/she will not be eligible for this program.

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  • 11. Customer Service

    Queries regarding online account, orders and returns can contact us in the following number – Tel: 044574111 Ext. 293/294 * Opening hours: 8am to 5.30pm – Sunday to Thursday or email us at [email protected]

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  • 12. Changes to the Scheme

    Online Staff Discount is a benefit and not a contractual right. It will be reviewed periodically and can be changed or withdrawn at any time. The discount available may vary from time to time.

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·        Read and adhere to the full terms & conditions of the Ajmalite eStore